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- Sue Nelson's Incredible -
Commercial Note and REO Buying Bootcamp!

October 13-15 - Las Vegas

You and Your Partner - Do Not Miss this Extraordinary Event!
Here is just A Sample of What You Will Discover:

  • How to find amazing REO and Note Deals in places that no one else knows!
  • How to talk the talk with the brokers and the bankers to establish instant credibility.
  • Step-by-Step on how to analyze a deal no matter what information the bank or brokers give you.
  • The ins and outs of doing a note and REO deal step by step from start to finish.
  • How to crunch the numbers of a Residential or commercial note tape and any size residential, commercial or multi-family deal so that you are confident and comfortable with taking the next step with any size deal!
  • How to identify the secret pitfalls of Notes and REOs that the brokers and bankers don't want you to know so that you stay safe.
  • We will have financial mortgage broker / asset manager who will go into the ins and outs of what is happening right now in this market.
  • How to identify a market and buy deals in any location regardless of how far away those places are.
  • How to put together amazing creative deals so that you do not need as much money. Sue's partner Ed will be there and you can get his incredible insight on creative deal making!
  • Step by step on how to wholesale your deals for quick profits. How to shop your deals and create a great presentation to get wholesalers to buy every time!
  • How to make money in this business 30 days into your start time. You will leave with an Action plan you can follow immediately to get started.
  • Plus Turbo charged networking with other successful students and people in the industry. (Sue met her partner at a bootcamp so could you), Case studies, Time Lines, do's and don'ts, When you need to hire an attorney and how to find the right one, How to filter diamond deals from junk, tons of creative exit strategies, Emerging markets, the Auction process the good the bad and the ugly.
  • Plus, Get inside Sue's and Ed's mind and see what are their requirements for a "deal" and why...
  • This Intensive 3 day Seminar will truly catapult your success!

You AND Partner

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